Our hostel is placed in ‘Rúa Fonte de San Miguel’ street, nº 7. That’s less than 200 meters from the cathedral, close to the monastery of San Martín Pinario and bordering the church of San Miguel dos Agros. These surroundings are part of the city since the tenth century and they’ve never lost their identity or its importance, adapting to modern times and growing along with the rest of Santiago de Compostela. Thus, from our hostel it is difficult to stop carrying out the streets enjoying a walk through the monumental area.

The building is surrounded by the facade of the church of San Martín Pinario, dated in the 17th century, and the church of San Miguel dos Agros, whose current appearance can be dated between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (although its existence is dated at least in the 12th century). Perfect surroundings to enjoy the history of the city. In addition, the proximity to the cathedral and the access to the historic city make our location an ideal place to enjoy Santiago de Compostela.

We are placed in one of the most typical areas of the city, formerly located between the two city walls. In the Gothic period several urban ‘pazos’ (Galician country houses) are built in the surroundings, abandoning agricultural activity between the 16th and 19th centuries. Our hostel is housed in a building that dates back to the 18th century. However, the current appearance of the facade, including its gallery and balconies, corresponds to the first third of the 20th century. It is, therefore, a classic building within the historical and monumental area of the city. A living part of it that was growing with at the same time. In addition, our hostelry tradition is more than 75 years old (since 1948), maintaining the charm generated by so many years of dedication.

Therefore, our history, location and privileged surroundings provide our hostel the charm of the historic city and serve as a witness to its growth while allowing a pleasant rest to any visitor.